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Back Pain Relief in Anchorage AKBack Pain Relief in Anchorage AK‚Äč

Our chiropractor in Anchorage AK wants you to be free of back pain. Pain in your back can interfere with every aspect of your life, but you do not have to live with this pain. For back pain relief in Anchorage, True Life Chiropractic offers natural, chiropractic care to bring back pain relief. If you live in or around the Anchorage area, our chiropractor, Dr. Michael Michaud invites you to contact True Life Chiropractic today for quick and effective treatment options. Our Anchorage chiropractor evaluates your back pain to determine the source of your discomfort. If your pain has appeared suddenly following an accident or injury, Dr. Michaud identifies the cause and works to eliminate it. For example, if you are experiencing back pain after an auto accident, your spine may have been forced out of alignment during the collision or a disc between the vertebrae may have herniated. Our Anchorage chiropractor develops a care plan to gently reposition the vertebrae so your spine is in a healthier, pain-free alignment that will repair herniated discs.

Back Pain Treatments in Anchorage

When you are seeking back pain treatments in Anchorage, you want options that provide an immediate reduction in your pain. You also want treatments that are long-lasting and will restore your mobility. At our chiropractic clinic, our Anchorage back pain relief options are designed to offer an instant lessening of your pain. Our chiropractor in Anchorage gently positions your spine with manual adjustments. He uses light force in the correct space to slide the vertebrae back into a natural position. As a result, the pressure is taken off the nerves and your pain is lessened. Your body learns to support a healthy posture and keep this pain-free alignment. At first, your appointments with Dr. Michaud may require an increase in frequency to re-establish a healthy alignment. Then, as your body begins to repair itself, you require less frequent adjustments. Chiropractic adjustments are one of our effective Anchorage back pain treatments. We combine adjustments with other services for Anchorage back pain relief such as:

  • Nutritional support- eating a healthy diet will keep inflammation low and nutrients high. Your body uses the nutrients to repair damaged cells and restore your back to pain-free living.
  • Corrective exercises- our Anchorage back pain treatments include the use of corrective exercises. We show you how to strengthen your core to support a strong spine. We also teach you flexibility exercises to enhance your ease of pain-free movement. 
  • Lifestyle guidance- if your back pain is associated with years of overuse, improper lifting techniques or a spinal abnormality, we teach you lifestyle changes to protect you at work, at rest and at home. 

Contact our Chiropractor in Anchorage AK

Dr. Michaud and the health team at True Life Chiropractic look forward to working with you to ease your back pain. If you are seeking natural back pain relief options and live in or around the Anchorage area, please contact us today at 907-646-2225.

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