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Family Chiropractic Care

True Life Chiropractic wants to be your family chiropractic care center. Dr. M. Michael Michaud is a family man and he wants to help your family stay healthy. Parents, grandparents and children benefit from our chiropractor's experience. Dr. Michaud, DC, welcomes the community of Anchorage, AK to his facility to learn about his family chiropractic care options.

Chiropractic Health Care

True Life Chiropractic care is most often chosen when one is suffering from back pain or neck pain. Although a spinal manipulation will help alleviate pain, chiropractic care provides other family benefits. Dr. Michaud evaluates all family members to determine if a chiropractic treatment program will help:

  • Recover from sports-related injuries
  • Heal from auto accidents
  • Overcome headaches
  • Reduce joint pain or stiffness
  • Re-align spines suffering from conditions such as scoliosis

A family chiropractic care program will be individualized for each member of your family. For example, if your son receives a concussion playing soccer, he receives help with headaches and pain management from Dr. Michaud. If your daughter suffers from a curved spine as the result of scoliosis or other spinal condition such as kyphosis, our chiropractor can set up a chiropractic care plan to gently and non-surgically re-align her spine.


Working parents who have to sit or stand throughout the day welcome the chiropractic care at True Life Chiropractic. Our chiropractor provides suggestions of how to set up work stations to maintain a healthy spine. He can also recommend at-home exercises and stretches to combat a long work day. Parents also have the stress of adjusting to aging loved ones while raising their own children. Chiropractic care helps to reduce stress and provide a self-awareness to combat stressful situations and decisions. Our family chiropractic care programs are affordable so that both parents and children can receive the benefits.


According to the American Chiropractic Association, family chiropractic care is safe for children. Spinal manipulation therapy helps infants overcome colic. Our chiropractor understands the delicate needs of children and the gentle adjustments never cause pain. Family chiropractic care benefits children who suffer from conditions such as:

  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Ear Infections
  • Back pain

If your child complains that his backpack is causing pain, Dr. Michaud provides pain management and can also educate your child on the proper way to carry a backpack. Children also need information on how to properly work on computers or set up a homework desk. As children become more involved on smart phones, Dr. Michaud can also educate your teenagers on the benefits of keeping proper posture while using a phone or a tablet.

A family that participates in family chiropractic care can also keep each other accountable. If your daughter sees you slouching at the dinner table, she may give a gentle reminder of the importance of good posture. If you see your son folding forward over a smart phone, you can remind him of the doctor's recommendations and the entire family stays healthy.

Call True Life Chiropractic at Anchorage, AK today- 907-646-2225.

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