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Neck Pain Relief in Anchorage, AK

When it comes to Anchorage AK neck pain relief, you want a solution that is fast and effective. Yet you want to avoid neck surgery or toxic painkillers that only mask the problem. That is why we offer chiropractic care for neck injuries and upper cervical spine conditions. Discover the types of neck pain we treat along with our chiropractic treatments we offer here at True Life Chiropractic. We hope you will choose our chiropractor as your preferred pain relief doctor.

Woman suffering from neck pain

Types of Neck Pain 

Neck pain is typically the result of musculoskeletal injuries. These include herniated discs in the upper cervical spine, which are also known as slipped discs or bulging discs. We also see patients with inflammation and swelling due to tiny tears in the neck muscles.

This typically leads to whiplash if not treated immediately after the neck is injured. Another common cause of neck pain is associated with poor posture that puts undue pressure on the neck and spine. Fortunately, all of these issues can be corrected using Anchorage neck pain treatment.

Common Causes of Neck Pain 

If you are involved in an auto accident or have a sports injury, this can lead to neck pain including whiplash. You can also cause neck pain by maintaining poor posture. We are seeing this type of neck injury more often due to the use of smartphones for texting and gaming. You may also have posture issues caused by your job, especially if you are sedentary and sit in front of a computer all day. Exercise injuries in Anchorage are another cause of neck injuries that we treat.

Chiropractic Neck Pain Treatment and Prevention 

Our goal here at True Life Chiropractic is to provide you with all-natural neck pain treatment in Anchorage. The main component of our approach is a chiropractic adjustment. Regular spinal adjustments keep your musculoskeletal system in proper alignment. This helps you improve your posture, reduces nerve pain, and helps fight inflammation. 

As part of our Anchorage neck pain treatment, we also offer massage therapy and acupuncture. These holistic methods help improve blood circulation and stimulate endorphins to fight pain. We also offer lifestyle counseling and corrective exercises that give you the tools to continue recovering at home. 

Neck Pain Chiropractor in Anchorage, AK

If you are in need of a neck pain chiropractor in Anchorage, AK, we are here to assist you. At True Life Chiropractic, Dr. Mike Michaud identifies the source of your neck pain to give you the best treatments and therapies. Contact our office at 907-646-2225 to schedule an appointment.

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